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Uv Lamp

Ningbo Sunfine UV lighting Co.,ltd. is one of the Uv Lamp leading brands in China. It is the factory & supplier specializing in manufacturing Uv Lamp. Offer high quality Uv Lamp at a cheap wholesale price.
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Preheat Start UV Lamp

China Uv Lamp of with CE

Tag: Preheat Start UV Lamps , Ultraviolet Lamp Manufacturers , Quartz UV Lamp

The preheat start uses a combination filament/cathode at each end of the lamp in conjunction with a mechanical or automatic switch that initially connect the filaments in series with the ballast and thereby preheat the filaments prior to striking...

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Instant Start UV Lamp

China Manufacturer of Uv Lamp

Tag: Instant Start UV Lamp , UV Lamp Supplier , Portable UV Lamps

In some cases, a high voltage is applied directly: instant start fluorescent tubes simply use a high enough voltage to break down the gas and mercury column and thereby start arc conduction. These tubes can be identified by a single pin at each end...

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High Output UV Lamp

Customized Uv Lamp Made in China

Tag: High Output UV Lamp , UVC Quartz Lamp , High Output Germicidal Lamps

High Output (HO) germicidal lamps. These lamps yield twice the amount of ultraviolet (UV) output than standard lamps of the same length. All common lamp sizes are available for purchase. Our HO lamps provide the following benefits: DOUBLE THE UV...

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Compact UV Germicidal Lamp

Professional Manufacturer of Uv Lamp

Tag: Compact UV Germicidal Lamp , Hot Cathode Quartz UV Lamp , UV Germicidal Lamp Manufacturers


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High Ozone UV Lamp

China Supplier of Uv Lamp

Tag: High Ozone UV Lamp , High Ozone Amalgam UV Lamp , Ozone UV Lamp

High ozone uv lamps which are made of high quality quartz glass. The type of fused quartz used to make the bulb, or envelope, of a germicidal lamp determines the wavelengths of ultraviolet (UV) emissions that react with the oxygen in the air to...

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U-UV Lamp

Expert Manufacturer of Uv Lamp

Tag: U UV Lamp , Nail UV Lamp

UV Germical lamp,U shape with or free ozone, suitable with our DC12V ballast Specification: We have diameter 4mm ,5mm and 6mm ,U shape cold cathodal uv lamp,and the length we coulddo 50mm~300mm,with ozone or free ozone,two type.and for the silicone...

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Circular UV Lamp

Competitive Uv Lamp China Manufacturer

Tag: Circular UV Lamp , Cold Cathode UV Lamp

Circular UV Lamp Features: Disinfection and bactericide for Cylinder vessel. e.g.Water drinking machines. Different design is available Match to low Volt.DC electronic ballast,suitable to water disinfection in

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Amalgam Lamp

High Quality Uv Lamp China Manufacturer

Tag: Amalgam Lamp , UV Amalgam Lamp , Fluorescent UV Lamps

Standard Output Quartz UV Lamp Operating Conditions Tube diameter BF-BF Arc legth Power Current Voltage UV Output at 254nm Rated Life Ballast Power Ballast Input Current mm mm mm W A V μW/2 W Hours W A Amalgam Lamps GPHA357T5L Horizontal 15 357 278...

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HVAC UV System

China Factory of Uv Lamp

Tag: HVAC UV Light , UVC Lights

Application:These lamps are specifically designed for air and surface irradiation in HVAC systems. This products emits germicidal ultraviolet(UV-C) lights to help disinfect the cooling coil,drain pan,and internal surfaces of HVAC systems for...

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UV Lamp In Kitchen
  • Model No.: GPH1630T5VH/HO

Tag: High Ozone UV Germicidal Lamps

Ultraviolet (UV) treatment is also being incorporated into new kitchen ventilation design. UV light breaks down grease molecules into smaller harmless compounds of carbon dioxide and water vapor, which are carried out with the exhaust airflow. High...

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T5 30W 40W UVC Light fixture

Tag: UVC Light Fixture , Ultraviolet Light Fixtures , Air Purifier UV Fixture

UVC lamp with ceramic base G13, Aluminium alloy bracket with electronic ballast inside Specification: Shielded germicidal UV fixtures (wall fixed), possibility of 24 hour continuous running, possibility of installation in room where ceiling height...

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Water Treatment UV System
  • Model No.: HN-WT1

Tag: Water Treatment UV System , Water Treatment UV Light , Water Treatment UV Lamp

Specification Diameter(mm) Cap Length(mm) Current(A) Voltage(V) Power(W) UV Intensity (uW/cm2) Lifespan G4T5 16 G5 135 170 28 4 >4000 8000 G6T5 16 G5 212 160 42 6 >5000 8000 G8T5 16 G5 288 145 56 8 >6000 8000 G10T5 16 G13 330 220 52 10...

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Philips TUV Amalgam XPT System

Tag: Portable Ultraviolet Lamp , UV Lamp Replacement

Main applications Deactivation of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms Municipal drinking water treatment equipment Municipal waste water treatment equipment Process water treatment equipment Swimming pool units Equipment for the production...

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The replacement of Atlantic uv lamp

Tag: UV Lamp , UV Light

we have the replacement lamp of Atlantic,the model is The STEY-L-RAY ozone lamps The STEY-L-RAY U-shaped lamps The STEY-L-RAY Slimline lamps The STEY-L-RAY Cold cathode germicidal lamps The STEY-L-RAY High output germicidal lamps Ozone free with...

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Wedeco uv lamp
  • Model No.: SLR32143

Tag: Replacement UV Lamp of Wedeco

The replacement of Wedeco uv lamp Wedeco Tak55 water disinfector system Replacement model SLR32143 T10/ 4PIN (GIA1495T10LCA) 270W and SLR32143HP T9/4 PIN (GIA1512T9LCA) lamp wattage 330W Free ozone Alu.coating Working current:3.8amps Lamp...

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Aquafine uv lamp
  • Model No.:  Aquafine 17491/18083/3084/17498/17998

Tag: Replacement Lamp of Aquafine

Good quality and competitive price.welcome for

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Ballast For Hot Cathodal UV Lamp

Tag: Electronic Ballast Lamp

Item No. Model Input Volt Lamp Watt Start way Output Current Suitable uv lamp Shape size RW12-180-10 110~240V 4~10W Rapid 0.18A 80*40*22mm RW12-425-18 110~240V 11~21W Rapid 0.42A 80*40*22mm RH2-425-2/40U 110~240V 36~79W Preheat 0.42A

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Electronic Ballast For Cold Cathode UV Lamp

Tag: Electronic Ballasts for Fluorescent Lamp , Electronic Ballast for UV Lamp

Electronice ballast 220v &110v can be use for cold cathodal uv lamp.we can also custom for client`s

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base for uv lamp

Tag: UV Germicidal Lamp , Best Ultraviolet Lamps

we have many specification of bases and sockets for our uv lamp we can also custom according to our client`s

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The replacement lamp of UV-technik

we have the replacement lamp of UV-technik Replacement lamp model UVN6, UVN8, UVN11, UVN15, UVN16, UV20, UVN30, UVN40, UVN60,

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The replacement lamp of Water APS-WUVI

we have the replacement lamp of Water APS-WUVI Lamp model WUVI 40 4C P15/300 WUVI 60 4C P15/435 WUVI 70 4C P15/505 WUVI 80 4C P15/550 WUVI 120 4C P15/860 WUVI 140 4C P15/1000 WUVI 160 4C P15/1200 WUVI 180 4C P15/1400 WUVI 201 4C P15/1554 WUVI 130 4C...

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T8 Aquarium Fluorescent Lamp

Tag: Fluorescent Lamp Suppliers

Key Specifications Watt:10W/15W/17W/18W/25W/30W/32W/36W/58W Base:G13 Color temperature:5000K/6500K/9000K/10000K/20000K Other we have 50-50/ACT 03/colormax/PG etc. 5000K: Such aquarium lamp great for freshwater aquariums. Enhances colors, makes reds,...

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Uv Lamp wholesale from China, Direct Buy from China leading manufacturers at cheap factory prices. Find wholesale Uv Lamp products on Ningbo Sunfine UV lighting Co.,ltd. and get high quality Uv Lamp directly from trustworthy Chinese Uv Lamp wholesalers & suppliers. Send your buy requirements & Get immediate response.
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